Шон Ти – Insanity Max 30: продолжение супер-интенсивной программы

What Are the Key Differences Between INSANITY and INSANITY MAX:30?

Whether you do INSANITY or INSANITY MAX:30, you are going to lose weight.

You are going to build strength and stamina. And you are going to become fitter, leaner, and more defined in just two months.

Indeed, you’ll develop a whole new appreciation for your mirror, because you’re going to love the way you look.

But understanding their key differences will help you decide which one is right for you.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two programs is the length of the workouts.

With INSANITY, you can expect to sweat for between 40 and 60 minutes on most days of the week — longer on days that include an additional core workout.

With INSANITY MAX:30 you’ll be done in 30 minutes every time (unless you follow the Ab Maximizer Workout Calendar, which occasionally throws in an additional 10- to 15-minute core workout).

Does that mean INSANITY MAX:30 workouts are easier? By no means.

In fact, you can think of an INSANITY MAX:30 workout as condensing the intensity of a typical INSANITY workout into half the time.

That can make them even more challenging. And with 150 new moves and a greater emphasis on strength building, INSANITY MAX:30 workouts are anything but typical INSANITY workouts.

Shaun T also introduces the concept of “Maxing Out” in INSANITY MAX:30 (hence the name).

What that means is that you go as hard as you can for as long as you can — until your body gives you no choice but to stop to catch your breath and ease the burning sensation in your muscles.

That point is your “Max Out” time, and you’ll record it for every workout, so you have a benchmark to beat during your next one.

Maxing Out does not mark the end of the workout. It’s simply the point at which you have to take your first break.

You might have to take more than one by the time you finish the workout, and that’s OK. Everyone Maxes Out (even Shaun T!), so don’t try to be a hero.

When you feel your muscles burning, your lungs heaving, and your form begin to break down, grab some water and take a breather. If you don’t Max Out, you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough.

If you find any of the primary moves in INSANITY MAX:30 too difficult or the workouts to challenging to complete, you have the option of following the modifier, which is the member of the cast who demonstrates slightly easier versions of each exercise.

You’ll also have two rest days per week instead of one (as you get with INSANITY) to help your body recover. INSANITY and INSANITY MAX:30 take slightly different approaches when it comes to nutrition as well.

Both include eating plans that will help you dial in your diet to optimize weight loss and fitness gains, but INSANITY MAX:30 makes it easier than ever by utilizing Beachbody’s unique portion-control container system.

The seven color-coded containers correspond to different food and macronutrient groups. Simply eat the amount of food allotted by the prescribed number of containers each day to maximize your workout performance and total-body transformation.

«Красота за 10 минут» и «Ультра» для красивой фигуры и хорошего настроения

Благодаря удачному сочетанию упражнений, направленных на проработку различных частей тела, комплекс «Красота за 10 минут» помогает относительно быстро привести в порядок фигуру и повысить свой общий жизненный тонус.

Программа разработана так, что вы сможете выполнять полный комплекс упражнений в ходе одной тренировки, или разобьете его на отдельные части, чтобы по отдельности прорабатывать какую-то определенную группы мышц: бедра, ягодицы, плечевой пояс и т.д. Короткие тренировки можно использовать и в качестве утренней зарядки – они не  вызывают утомления, но в то же время заряжают энергией каждую клеточку тела.

Синди Уитмарш – это грамотный и опытный фитнес-инструктор. В полную силу занимаясь под ее руководством у себя дома, вы сможете получить не менее высокий результат, чем при посещении тренажерного зала и фитнес-клуба.

Если же ваша цель – как можно быстрее избавиться от лишних килограммов, попробуйте еще один комплекс, предложенный Синди Уитмарш – «Жиросжигающая тренировка». Он содержит ряд упражнений, направленных на затрату максимального количества калорий. Регулярно выполняя этот комплекс и придерживаясь определенной системы питания, вы сможете значительно снизить вес в течение одного – двух месяцев и даже нескольких недель.

Советы занимающимся по программе Шона Ти Инсанити (Insanity)

  1. Позаботьтесь о правильных кроссовках с хорошей амортизацией для тренировки с таким количеством прыжков они обязательны.
  2. Запаситесь достаточным количеством воды во время тренировки придется пить.
  3. Внимательно следите за правильностью выполнения упражнений. Желание увеличить скорость за счет техники может привести к травмам.
  4. Чтобы добиться максимального результата выполняйте рекомендации по питанию .
  5. И напоследок самое главное Insanity экстремальная тренировка, если вы чувствуете что не тянете не стесняйтесь признаться себе в этом, лучше вернуться к ней после выполнения более легкой подготовительной программы.
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Why Insanity Max: 30?

There are a couple of reasons why this workout beats others by a huge margin. I will speak for myself now, and hope that this will address some of your questions.

  • 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week is a lot of convenience if you ask me. Working late shifts, this helps me rather much. Besides, I have weekends free- something that you usually have to trade if you are chasing the results this program is promising.
  • Interesting and engaging moves, helping not only with looks but functional fitness as well. I’ve been in the fitness industry for a while, always concerned about how I look. This program offers the chance to increase your physical preparedness tenfold. It’s been two weeks already, and I feel like I never have before- cardio is off the roof, endurance too. Besides, I notice an increase in overall strength, without lifting weights.
  • It is challenging. And that’s important for someone like me. Even before I accepted the offer to write this review, I knew quite well that this was going to be a personal challenge. The hardest one I’ve faced in my entire relationship with fitness. The great thing about Insanity Max: 30, is that you have zero chances of completing a workout back to back. Say what you will about your shape and preparedness, but it is physically impossible. I’m progressing from the first day when my max out time was 7 minutes, and wait to see if Shaun T really keeps his promise of getting me through the entire workout.
  • You don’t need any equipment at all. And this is also convenient if you have a history of working out in a gym. It allows you to focus your strength on what is really important- completing the sets- and not stressing about changing machines, weights, or whatnot. This, unquestionably, results with more progress.
  • There are modifications to each move. Very important if you are not up to the game. It is probably not embarrassing to mention that I did the modifications for a couple of times, since these workouts are brutal. Using the modifications though, everyone can push according to their own level of fitness.
  • Shaun T will be there for you, motivating you and making you push harder and harder each day.
  • Because it works, and works wonders. It’s been two weeks now, and I’ve lost almost 7 pounds. Muscles are getting shredded, and my abs are showing like crazy. Another great thing is the fact that there are so many small muscle groups popping up around that I never, in my entire fitness background, knew existed.

Also, if you already bought this workout, you can now stream it with the new Beachbody On Demand streaming service, read more in this Beachbody on Demand review. You can find all kinds of Beachbody workout programs inside, like the Piyo workout (read more in this Piyo review).

Why not Insanity Max: 30?

Before agreeing to write this Insanity Max: 30 review, I was specifically told not to write “flowery prose only”. Keeping true to my promise, here is why you might want to stay away from this workout altogether.

  • If you are someone who is constantly looking for excuses, go ahead and close this tab – albeit having modifications to each move, Max: 30 is the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Buckets of sweat, muscles sore and trembling after each workout. You can gradually step into it by following the modifications and taking more frequent breaks, but you will have to dig deep at one point or another.
  • You will have to eat clean for otherwise results would be subpar. Not following a rocket science, but eating a healthy and balanced diet. I started following the nutrition guide that comes included in the package, but figured out ways around it too. As long as you are eating clean and healthy, there is no need to limit yourself to anything.
  • There are no weights included, so forget about insanely bulking up. You will have dramatically improved muscle definition though, making your muscles appear bigger.
  • If you are having some knee or back injuries, or some problems with the ankles, I hate to spoil the fun, but you will have to see a doctor first. I’ve been told of some people with knee injuries who did the original Insanity workout, and somehow managed to pass through the 60 day period, so having modifiers, Max: 30 would probably fare better in this regard. Anyway, go and see a doctor first.
  • Figuring I haven’t stressed it enough, here it is again- this is hard people. Hard, hard, hard.

The Strategy Behind Insanity vs Insanity Max 30


The main science behind the Insanity workout is that you burn more calories when you alter your heart rate during a workout than if you just maintain at one speed and your heart rate is steady.

Doing Insanity while challenging, will burn numerous calorie and shape your body but you will not get that over muscular look.

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Due to the extreme high pace of all the moves in Insanity, you will be doing cardio based moves that will get your heart rate up which will allow you to burn a ridiculous amount of calorie.

Sound like hard work? You bet it is, but that is what it is going to take to help you sculpt your body and it will  help you drop that unwanted weight. This is insanity at its best!

Being an interval based cardio workout, the moves will target different areas and parts of the body at once. One of the moves may work on your upper body while others will work on your core and lower body.

Interval training means that you will go like crazy for one interval then have a short cool down period and then back at it. The entire workout will last about 20-60 minutes and you will earn every drop of sweat on your brow. An example of part of a workout would be: doing four moves that last 30 seconds each and then you get s 30 second break.

By giving you this short break you allow the heart to rest before you raise the rate again. This is a healthy way to build up the heart muscle for endurance reasons.

The Insane Workouts

  • Dig Deeper & Fit Test
  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  • Cardio Power & Resistance
  • Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery
  • Pure Cardio & Abs
  • Cardio & Abs
  • Core Cardio & Balance
  • Max Interval Circuit
  • Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs

You will not use any weights, so there is no other purchase to make other than the Insanity DVD Package.

Insanity Max 30

So how does Insanity Max 30 differ from Insanity ? The most obvious difference is that each workout is 30 minutes in length as apposed to 60 minutes for Insanity. You will not be using any weights with Max 30 either.

Insanity Max 30: your workout is around 30 minutes so there are no cool down periods but you have 150 new moves.

The strategy with Max 30 is that you go as hard as you can until your body won’t let you do another move. You have a calendar that you write that time on and then get back to the workout. Your first max out time might be only 5 minutes into the first workout, that’s okay.

You now have a goal to shoot for. Next time you do the same workout, you might not max out until the 7 minutes, and then the next time, 20 minute mark. As you progress through the program you may never have another max out until the end of the workout. The idea is to always be pushing yourself to reach that next goal or Max Out. To read a full review on Insanity Max 30, click here.

Meal Plans For Each Program

Insanity comes with a nutritional guide that has a meal plan  designed to keep your body fueled for those really intense workout. You will be consuming enough nutrients to keep up the strength to do the workouts while turning your fat into muscle. You will also be able to get help online at any time.

Insanity Max 30 works on the portion control plan and you will get a «No Time to Cook Guide»in the package that will guide you on what to eat and how much even if you decide to dine out. You will be aware of the portions that you can eat and still keep on track.

So What’s It Going To Be: Insanity vs Insanity Max 30

As we can see, the major differences in these two workouts are the duration of the workout time: Insanity-60 minutes, Insanity Max 30-30 minutes. This difference in workout time will also mean that with Insanity, you will be burning more calories and will be doing more cardio workouts.

Insanity Max 30 was created for those that have limited time to spend on a workout but still insist on great results and are willing to work for them. Both of these workouts are great for athletes in their off time. Guess you need to ask yourself, how much time you want to spend on your workouts daily and how fast do you want to see gains.  Those two questions should give you the answer.

I really like Insanity Max 30 and the idea of pushing myself to the max for just 30 minutes a day since I have very little time to spend on working out. You have to be really dedicated to do either of these programs.They are extreme and you will get great results, so good luck with your choice!

Which Program Should I Do?

INSANITY was designed to elevate people who are in excellent shape to truly elite levels of power and endurance.

There are no modifiers, and Shaun T has no mercy, so if you don’t consider yourself “advanced” when it comes to exercise, do one of our other programs first.

Doing FOCUS T25 is a highly effective way to prepare for INSANITY.

INSANITY MAX:30 is a natural next step once you complete INSANITY — or if you’re already in great shape and looking for a challenging program with workouts that last no longer than 30 minutes.

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But the inclusion of modifiers also makes this program doable for people who aren’t quite fit enough to tackle INSANITY. As a result, it’s amenable to a wider range of fitness levels.

Either way, if you’re looking to boost your aerobic capacity, build cardiorespiratory fitness, shed fat, and start turning more heads even when fully clothed, these programs will do you right.

But if your goal is to pack on muscle and stretch the limits of your shirtsleeves, then you might want to consider doing a program with a greater emphasis on strength training, such as P90X, LIIFT4, or The Master’s Hammer and Chisel.

Final note on this Insanity Max 30 review

I hope that this review was long enough to answer all of your questions and better inform you about everything there is to know about the Max 30 workout. That being said, I also hope I didn’t bore you to death. Whether the Max 30 is worth your time and money, I cannot say for sure. Depends on what you want to achieve, and how much of yourself you want to invest into the process.

What I can tell for sure though, is that this workout kicks butt. It will drain every ounce of fat tissue you have stored on your body, define your muscles and make you look like a freaking fitness supermodel, and make you a performance machine. It will also hurt like hell, make you sweat buckets, scream, and toughen you mentally. All in 30 minutes a day. If you take my word for it, I say what are you waiting for?

Добавки на жиросжигание

  • Саморастворяющаяся сыворотка третьего поколения мгновенного усвоения без содержания жиров и углеводов.
  • Категория:

Размешать одну мерную ложечку порошка в 300 мл холодной воды. Прием рекомендован утром после пробуждения, в течение 30-40 минут после тренировки и перед сном.

  • Продукт отличает небывалая эффективность, вы можете убедиться уже после первого скупа, что этот препарат создан для людей, любящих спорт не только за результат, но и за невероятные ощущения в зале.
  • Категория:

1 мерная ложка на 250-300 мл воды и за 30 минут до стренировки

  • Содержит расширенное количество витаминов в необходимом для активных занятий спортом количестве.
  • Категория:

Принимать одну капсулу с завтраком, запивая водой.

  • Geneticlab «BCAA Pro» — это современная спортивная добавка в основе которой лежат незаменимые аминокислоты ВСАА, глутамин и специально подобранная аминокислотная матрица, в оптимальном соотношении 4:1:1.
  • Категория:

смешайте 1 мерную ложку на 350-400 мл воды или другого напитка и принимайте за 30 минут до и сразу же после тренировки

  • Жиросжигатель Daily Fit — препарат для ускорения вашего метаболизма.
  • Категория:

Принимать по 2 капсулы за 30-60 минут до утреннего и дневного приема пищи

Рекомендации спортивного питания являются ориентировочными. Перед покупкой рекомендуем проконсультироваться дополнительно в магазине со специалистом.



Человеку без уже имеющегося достойного уровня готовности тела не стоит начинать свой путь к его совершенствованию с “Инсанити”, т.к. курс довольно сложен даже для опытных спортсменов, а для новичков окажется непосильным и даже опасным.

  • Соблюдение правильного режима и состава питания гарантирует повышенную эффективность курса.
  • Регулярность и дисциплинированность — залог успеха в случае с алгоритмами тренировок фитнес-программы Шона Ти.
  • Качественная спортивная обувь и подходящая спортивная одежда позволят избежать травм.
  • Восстановление водного баланса даст возможность организму лучше восстанавливаться после стресса от нагрузок “Инсанити”.

Болевые мышечные ощущения первой недели отступят к 8 дню занятий. Самомассаж и и самая простая растяжка помогут снизить порог неприятных симптомов физической нагрузки.

Шон Ти – Insanity Max 30: продолжение супер-интенсивной программы

О программе.

Программа Insanity Max 30, созданная Шоном Ти в конце 2014 года по праву, считается самой убойной тренировкой, в которой реализован более высокий уровень сложности, нежели в Insanity. Полный курс тренировок рассчитан на два месяца по шесть занятий в неделю. Тридцать минут ежедневных занятий позволят добиться ошеломляющих результатов.

В первый месяц занятий вас ждут интенсивные нагрузки с одним разбивочным занятием в неделю, направленным на растяжку и координацию движений.

На следующий месяц интенсивность тренировок увеличивается в несколько раз, поэтому считается нормой, если вы не будете выдерживать программу полностью, делая остановки во время занятий.

Главная рекомендация – начинать тренировку с высокого уровня сложности на максимально возможном темпе и удерживать его как можно дольше. Только дойдя до предела своих возможностей, можно взять небольшую передышку, во время которой необходимо записать, сколько минут от начала тренировки вы выдержали. Далее, продолжить тренировку в том же темпе.

Первый записанный результат и будет ваш Max Out. Если в первый раз ваш результат составит 3 минуты, постарайтесь в следующий раз его увеличить. Каждый раз делайте упражнения хотя бы на 30 секунд дольше, постепенно увеличивая исходное значение до максимума. В идеале к концу всей программы вы должны проходить тренировку на максимуме своих возможностей без остановки.

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