21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса

What’s Included in 21 Day Fix

It depends what you want to get, but I always recommend the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, especially in February as 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack is on sale for only $140.

21 Day Fix Base Kit

The 21 Day Fix Base kit includes:

  • All of the 7 base workouts: Dirty 30 workout, Total Body Cardio Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Pilates Fix, Cardio Fix, Yoga Fix
  • Start Here Guide with Workout Calendar
  • 3-Day Quick Fix
  • Eating Plan
  • 24/7 Online Support through me as your Beachbody Coach.
  • 7 color-coded portion-control containers
  • Shakeology shaker cup

21 Day Fix Ultimate Kit

The 21 Day Fix Ultimate Kt includes everything the base kit includes, plus:

  • Flat Abs Workout
  • Barre Legs Workout
  • 1 Pro-Grade Resistance Band (Pink=15lbs)
  • Extra large On-The-Go container to store all your containers
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup
  • Insulated Tote Bag

Check out the workout video for 21 Day Fix here so you can see what it’s all about.

21 Day Fix vs 21 Day Fix Extreme: Nutrition Plan

As mentioned earlier, the 21 Day Fix program was designed so that you don’t need to keep track of calories.

Instead, you make use of portion control containers like the ones pictured below:

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса

The 21 Day Fix workout programs work with portion control containers to help you lose weight fast in only 21 days!

With these portion control containers you’ll eat the right amount of food so that you can lose weight and get fit.

While both 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme come with 7 color coded portion-control containers, a shaker cup, and Eating Plan… there are a few differences…

Nutrition Plan Differences between 21 Day Fix vs. 21 Day Fix Extreme:

21 Day Fix 21 Day Fix Extreme
Eating Plan includes options for “treats” —wine and chocolate, for example 100% clean eating on the Eating Plan—no “treats”
Wide variety of foods to choose from; each container’s food list includes the most nutritious options at the top Still lots of variety, but some of the least nutritious foods at the bottom of the list have been eliminated
Simple recipes designed to get you started with basics like quinoa and grilled chicken More recipes that take you beyond the basics
Bonus Nutrition Plan – 3 Day Quick Fix helps you accelerate your results for the last 3 days Bonus Nutrition Plan – Countdown to Competition gives you Autumn’s personal plan she uses to get ready for competition as an option for the entire 21 days

Both 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme will help you lose weight through what you eat, but both do it a little bit differently.

The 21 Day Fix Nutrition Plan helps you get used to eating healthy by including healthy foods and includes few treats so that you’re not starving for what you may be missing.

The 21 Day Fix Extreme Nutrition Plan is about being very strict in order to really lean out your body. This kind of eating is NOT for those who are easily tempted. This will be a challenge.

The Fix Moves and Following the Modifier

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса
Exercise moves that work multiple muscle groups including the stabilizer and core muscles all in one movement.

I was completely blown away that the 21 Day Fix is full of combination workout moves I was not familiar with. Renegade rows? Who knew they could be so effective?! But one of the most challenging moves for me were the side plank leg raises….yikes!!!

I definitely had to follow the modifier a lot during my first week. That’s because the moves are designed to hit your muscles from head to toe.

Make sure to listen to how she explains the moves when she first introduces them and watch her demonstration, because there are a lot of background people in the workout videos who will not being doing the same move at the same exact time or the exact same way. If you didn’t pay attention, you might get a little confused about who best to watch with many of them performing the moves in slightly different ways based on their fitness level and ability. Re-shot 21 Day Fix real time workouts are much better(covered below).

There is always a modifier!

Think you’ll have a hard time keeping up with the 21 Day Fix? Don’t worry!!! There will always be someone (Kat) who is doing a less intense version than Autumn. If you’re having trouble keeping up or have bad knees, make sure to watch how that move is done.

Why the 21 Day Fix Program is Unique! The Colored Portion Control Containers

There’s a promise to help you lose weight or get in shape almost everywhere you look. But for the most part, it’s the same old stuff we’ve all tried and failed with in the past.

The portion control containers are what make the 21 Day Fix program a unique and effective program. It’s also what makes the program easy to follow for anyone.

The containers  are color-coded for a foolproof diet plan. Whatever fits into the container from the specific food group is what you’re allowed to eat. It’s better than calorie counting, because if it’s an approved food and it fits, you can eat it. You can even sneak in that glass of wine in exchange for a yellow container, which I just think is amazing – and just makes it better to know nothing is totally off limits(remember it’s a lifestyle).

Here’s the breakdown of containers you’ll receive and what they’re for:

  • Green: Vegetables
  • Purple: Fruits
  • Red: Protein
  • Yellow: Complex Carbohydrates
  • Blue: Healthy Fats and Cheese
  • Orange: Seeds and Oils

Research into portion control shows that eating larger portions of foods and beverages is linked to being overweight. With the use of proper portion control and the consumption of high energy dense foods several trials to improve weight loss.

The 21 Day Fix diet is not just an “eat less” and lose weight approach. There is a real focus on choosing the right foods that supply your body with the nutrients it needs to look and feel your best.

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What is the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

You don’t count calories with the 21 day fix meal plan. You simply use the portion control containers. Each section of the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan has a color and a container, so the meal plan matches that! You simply find a recipe for the container you are going to fill, and put the food in the container! There are all kinds of options for you to choose from, even vegetarian and vegan meal options. In order to figure out how much food you can have, you use a simple formula. Weight * 11 – 350 gives you how many calories you can eat with the 21 Day Fix. You can then pick a meal plan to follow. For example, if you fall in between the 1,200 to 1,500 calorie a day diet, the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan will tell you exactly how many of each of the 7 containers you can have throughout the day.

21 Day Fix Workout Schedule FAQs

On the 21 Day Fix, do you have to do 2 workouts a day?

You don’t have to do 2 workouts a day. You may choose to do 2 workouts in week 3; however, it’s not required to see great results. If you want to get max results without the double workouts, also check out the 3 Day Quick Fix.

After you are done with the 21 Day Fix, do you start over with the first week and keep going?

After completing the 21 Day Fix, you can choose to move onto another workout or do another round.

We’ve had clients continue to do the 21 Day Fix for a whole year and lose 80 lbs+ while others continue to 21 Day Fix Extreme, Hammer & Chisel, or A Little Obsessed.

If you’re not sure what to do next, we would love to help you. We can help create a custom plan using our 21 Day Challenge.

You may also like: 21 Day Fix vs 21 Day Extreme

You get access to over 700 workouts, including every workout Autumn has made, with Beachbody on Demand! Her newest workout, 80 Day Obsession, is also live on there.

What order do you do the 21 Day Fix workouts?

There is a set order to the 21 Day Fix workouts.

The 21 Day Fix schedule is:

  • Monday: Total Body Cardio Fix
  • Tuesday: Upper Fix
  • Wednesday: Lower Fix or Barre Legs
  • Thursday: Pilates Fix or Flat Abs Fix
  • Friday: Cardio Fix
  • Saturday: Dirty 30
  • Sunday: Yoga Fix

You can also add in 10 Minute Abs on Wednesday’s.

The additional bonus workouts can be mixed in through the week. For example, Plyo or Cardio Core could replace Friday’s Cardio Fix workout, and Dirty Dozen could replace Saturday’s Dirty 30 workout.

You’ll follow this calendar for 3 weeks. You may also choose to do doubles in week 3 if you so choose, but it’s not required.

We’ve made it easy to track your workouts with this printable calendar.

21 Day fix – reviews of the workouts

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса

I wanted this 21 Day Fix review to go into as much detail as possible, though keeping you away from being bored to death here are just couple of individual workout reviews.

Cardio Fix

A nicely paced routine that will make you sweat a lot and definitely leave you without breath if you dig deep enough. A lot of innovative and engaging moves, you will never notice it lasting for over 30 minutes.

Yoga Fix

Done on Sunday, this workout routine will allow you to relax and stretch every muscle in your body. It is responsible for improving your flexibility and balance, as well as allowing you to improve in other fitness verticals during the upcoming week.

Pilates Fix

You are doing this one each Thursday, and it will give you a mini rest that you are about to appreciate rather much. However, though resting your body from cardio-vascular activity, it will tone your muscles and especially your core- for nearly all exercises target the core in one way or the other.

Upper body Fix

A lot of movements targeting the abdomen and back, as well as chest and shoulders as well; this one is packed with resistance moves, and has circuit training integrated. You can use either dumbbells or a resistance band.

21 Day Fix MAX Results! – Beachbody Challenge Packs

Do you find it hard to eat your vegetables and fruits and just trying to eat healthy in general?

It’s no surprise that a huge part of you getting results with either 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme relies heavily on what you eat.

Yes, the 21 Day Fix programs will get you eating healthier and show you what type of foods you should be eating… but it can still be challenging.

How would you like to TURBO Charge your weight loss results, gain more energy, reduce junk food cravings, and improve your health?

Here’s a master solution in one simple and tasty drink, Shakeology!

Shakeology has been found to:

  • Help with continuous weight loss over time (Clinically proven)
  • Lower Cholesterol (Clinically proven)
  • Lower Blood Sugar (Clinically proven)
  • Reduced Hunger & Food Cravings
  • Healthier Skin, Hair, and Nails
  • Increased Energy
  • Boosted Immune System
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improved Digestion & Regularity

Check out the following results from people who used a 21 Day Fix program and Shakeology!

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплексаAlexis B. said:

I’ve tried every fad diet known to man and have never found anything that not only worked as well as 21 Day Fix, but was so easy to do and understand. I feared that I was going to crave junk food during the program, but Shakeology completely curbed my appetite.

The only thing I craved during those 21 days was MORE Shakeology! And it gave me so much energy that I no longer needed a nap during the day. Shakeology tasted like dessert and it was the one meal each day that I couldn’t wait to consume. Now, instead of being skinny fat, I’m skinny fit!

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса

Ruth says:

21 Day Fix taught me exactly what healthy foods to eat, AND how much of those foods I needed to consume in order to lose fat while building muscle. And while I’ve never been a “nutrition shake drinker,” when I started drinking Shakeology as part of the program, I noticed a significant difference in my energy levels, plus my cravings for sweets has almost entirely gone away.

After 3 weeks I felt like the Energizer Bunny! Holy moly, this stuff is a game changer!

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса

Now it’s your turn to get results with the 21 Day Fix programs and Shakeology… Beachbody makes it easy and SAVES you money with Beachbody Challenge Packs!

A Beachbody Challenge Pack will include the following:

  • A 30-day supply of Shakeology—the superfood shake that helps give you energy, reduce cravings, and accelerate your fitness result.
  • A Fitness Program of your choice.
  • A FREE 30-day VIP Trial Membership to the Team Beachbody Club, where you can access tips, fitness and nutrition tracker tools, and more.
  • Super Discount Savings on Shipping – Save $10+
  • AND you save anywhere from $30 to $90+ on your total order!

Find the right 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack for you, below:

21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплексаWhen order both Shakeology and a 21 Day Fix program, you’re basically getting the workout for about $10!… Best of all, there’s a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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If you don’t want Shakeology, then order the 21 Day Fix program that you want below:21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплекса21 Day Fix: подробный обзор всех тренировок комплексаFeel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Have a great day!

Work With Me – Leaders Only

P.S. If you are looking for a way to increase your fitness, nutrition, social, and even occupational wellness, be sure to start with a FREE Team Beachbody Account and you will get support, motivation, and gain access to free tools to keep you on track with your wellness goals.

P.S. Here are other Popular 21 Day Fix Program Order Options

  • Order 21 Day Fix Extreme w/ NO Containers
  • Order 21 Day Fix AND 21 Day Fix Extreme Together
  • Order 21 Day Fix Ultimate Package

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Sample Foods from the Different Color Categories

Green Purple Red Yellow Blue Orange
Kale Raspberries Chicken Yams Avocado Pumpkin Seeds
Spinach Blueberries Turkey Beans Almonds Sunflower Seeds
Asparagus Blackberries Eggs Wild Rice Cashews Sesame Seeds
Broccoli Pomegranate Yogurt Brown rice Peanuts Flaxseed
Beets Watermelon Shellfish Potato Walnuts Chia Seeds
Tomatoes Cantaloupe Fish Corn Hummus Pine Nuts
Celery Orange Lean Beef Oatmeal Cotija Olives
Peppers Tangerine Tofu Pasta Cheddar Peanuts
Cucumbers Grapes Wild Game Lentils Parmesan Coconut

This is just a sample of foods, there are lots more foods included in the nutrition guide. There are also oils and nut butters which are measured with a tsp(gray) and a list of free foods that you can have without limits.

Depending on your weight and your weight loss goals, you first calculate your daily calorie needs, which sets you up for your plan level. Then you look into how many of each colored container you get each day depending upon your meal plan level. 

Why the 21 Day Fix?

Coming from a fitness background I can go ahead and analyze many details in this 21 Day Fix review as for why this program makes sense. Trying to stick close to layman terms, here are just few in order to put things into perspective.

  • It combines many methods of training including cardio, resistance training, Pilates, Yoga, compound exercises… With each day targeting different muscle groups by leveraging different methods of training, you are about to witness a jump start in fat loss and muscle definition.
  • The workouts last for around 30 minutes. Not going to cite sources on why this is so important, let us just say that it is quite convenient.
  • You are doing everything from the comfort of your own home. Not a real game changer for me, but I know people who are very hard to persuade when it comes to going to the gym. If you are one of those, this is as much convenience as money can buy.
  • The whole length of the program is 21 day. Nothing can beat this so far.
  • It includes a very detailed yet practical nutrition guide, as well as a very revolutionary approach to portion control as well.
  • There is a modifier to every move, so everyone can do it.
  • Another 3 day fix nutrition plan that is going to make you Bikini ready in 72 hours. For this I say thanks.

Why not 21 Day Fix?

Probably a more useful chapter than the one above, this is where I find 21 Day Fix failing to deliver:

  • You cannot bulk up a lot. Having trained to compete back in the day this is sad news for me.
  • You can really lose up to 15 pounds. Gotta have to do it twice if you would like to shred over 20 pounds or more.
  • There is not a single day of rest. Sundays are booked for the Yoga fix routine of the program, but despite being relaxing and easy it is still not a complete rest. Thursdays are for the Pilates routine though, and this is yet another form of mini rest.

21 Day Fix Meal Plan Ideas

Fixate cookbook

The FIXATE cookbook is an amazing recipe book that contains 101 recipes that are all 21 Day Fix approved. The book was written by Autumn Calabrese to provide a wide variety of recipes for people to enjoy that are not only healthy but portion appropriate.

You will find a wide variety of recipes including Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, and Gluten-Free, as well as desserts and snacks. Autumn is from a family that loves food and has even ensured that many of the recipes in this wonderful book are kid friendly as well to help the whole family eat healthily. Learn more about the Fixate cookbook in my review here.

Here are some easy, healthy and tasty recipes for the different meals of the day.

You can also download, for free, our Days to Fitness recipe book that includes 37 Recipes, all of which are 21 Day Fix Approved. Find more and get yours for free here.

Breakfast Recipes – Start your day with proteins and fruit. I’ve shared some recipes here

Snack Recipes -Have a healthy and approved snack between meals. Snack Approved recipes here.

Lunch Recipes – For best weight-loss results, you have to pack your lunch with protein, carbs and veggies. Here are some 21 Day Fix approved recipes for lunch time.

Dinner Recipes – For your last main meal of the day, don’t forget the protein, remember to avoid carbs, and add an extra portion of vegetables. Here are some easy, healthy and tasty recipes to try.

Dessert Recipes – You don’t have to avoid desserts! Here are some 21 Day Fix approved desserts ideas.

21 Day Fix vs 21 Day Fix Extreme: Workout Plan

When the 21 Day Fix was first being created, Beachbody had already known from scientific studies that short and intense workouts are just as effective as long workouts.

So, Beachbody decided to keep the 21 Day Fix workouts short at only 30 minutes a piece but also challenging.

These 30 minute workouts allow you to have a challenging workout without stressing yourself about taking a lot of time out of your day to workout. Just 30 minutes and you’re done!

While we may be focusing on what’s different between the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts, here’s a quick list of what’s being kept the same:

  • You have 7 different workouts.
  • Each workout is only 30 minutes.
  • You make use of dumbbells or resistance bands.
  • No choreography or dance moves.
  • Boot camp-style workouts.
  • Workouts are done 7 days a week for 3 weeks.
  • You will have a range of workouts from cardio, resistance training, and flexibility.

Here are the key workout differences between 21 Day Fix vs 21 Day Fix Extreme:

21 Day Fix 21 Day Fix Extreme
Appropriate for beginner to intermediate level Extreme workouts appropriate
for advanced level
1-minute moves with 15-second
breaks in between
Moves vary in length and
breaks are typically shorter
Mix of weighted moves and moves
that use your body weight only
Most moves are weighted or
use the resistance bands
Low-impact modifier Modifier is lower impact than the
standard move, but much more
intense than the 21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix Extreme programs earns it’s name by challenging you further than the 21 Day Fix program. Yes, both offer a modifier… But even the modifier is more challenging in 21 Day Fix Extreme.

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Топ-10 самых популярных программ Beachbody

Команда Beachbody составила свой собственный топ-лист самых востребованных программ, исходя из рейтинга просмотров. Если вы не можете определиться, с какого комплекса начать тренироваться дома, то предлагаем вам подборку самых популярных программ Beachbody. Ссылки на подробное описание тренировок даны в таблице выше. Информация использована с официального сайта beachbodyondemand.com.

1. 21 Day Fix

Комплекс 21 Day Fix уже в первый месяц буквально взорвал продажи, и даже спустя 3 года популярность программы Отумн Калабрес не утихает. Фитнес-курс подкупает своим разнообразием и эффективностью, поэтому вполне заслуженно возглавляет рейтинг Beachbody. Всего лишь 30 минут в день с очаровательной Отумн быстро приведут вас к цели.

2. Shift Shop

Shift Shop – одна из самых свежих программ Beachbody, которая разработана новым тренером команды Крисом Даунингом. Курс был выпущен летом 2017 года и уже успешно штурмует рейтинги популярных домашних фитнес-комплексов. Программа включает в себя кардио-тренировки и силовые тренировки нескольких уровней сложности от 25 до 50 минут.

3. Core De Force

Тренировки Core De Force основаны на элементах из MMA (смешанные боевые искусства). Благодаря этому программа проходит со сниженной ударностью, при этом помогает отлично тонизировать тело. Занятия ведут пара тренеров Джерико и Джоэл, которые приятно удивят вас позитивной и доброжелательной манерой ведения тренировок. В программе в основном предлагается кардио-нагрузка для сжигания жира, инвентарь вам не понадобится.

4. 21 Day Fix Extreme

После успеха программы 21 Day Fix команда Beachbody решила выпустить сиквел, в котором вас ждет более экстремальная нагрузка для всего тела. Видео также длятся 30 минут как и в первом выпуске, но теперь Отумн предлагает более интенсивные и ударные упражнения, поэтому легкой программа точно не будет. Для занятий помимо гантелей вам понадобится трубчатый эспандер.

5. Focus T25

Focus T25 – это трехмесячный комплекс жиросжигающих тренировок, который подойдет всем желающим похудеть. Занятия длятся только 25 минут, но даже за это короткое время Шон Ти выжмет из вас все соки. Программа состоит из трех фаз: первый месяц вы будете работать над интенсивным сжиганием жира, во второй месяц к этому добавится тонизирование мышц, а в течение третьего месяца вы сможете закрепить успех и поработать над качеством тела.

6. Master Hammer and Chisel

И еще один фитнес-курс Отумн Калабрес располагается очень высоко в рейтинге самых популярных программ Beachbody. Но в данном случае речь пойдет о тренировках, которые разработаны совместно с известным израильским бодибилдером Саги Калев. Комплекс включает в себя разнообразные силовые и кардио-тренировки из серии Chisel (от Отумн) и из серии Hammer (от Саги). Эта парочка заставит вас очень эффективно поработать над трансформацией тела! Для занятий вам понадобится дополнительный инвентарь.

7. Insanity Max 30

А вот Insanity Max 30 занимает всего лишь седьмую строчку популярности согласно рейтингу Beachbody. И неудивительно, ведь эта программа от Шона Ти подходит далеко не каждому! Ультра-интенсивный комплекс Insanity Max 30 является одним из самых сложных в целом ряду домашнего фитнеса. Тренировки длятся только 30 минут, но это, вероятно, будут ваши самые тяжелые полчаса. Если вы выдержите 2 месяца тренировок с Шоном, то вы не только измените свое тело, но и существенно повысите ваш уровень физической подготовки.

8. 22 Minute Hard Corps

Для тех, кто любит тренироваться быстро и эффективно, стоит обратить внимание на комплекс 22-минутных занятий от Тони Хортона. В программу 22 Minute Hard Corps вошли кардио-тренировки и силовые тренировки для быстрого жиросжигания и тонуса мышц

Подумайте только, всего лишь 20 минут! Даже самый занятой человек сможет выделить треть часа на ежедневные тренировки

Подумайте только, всего лишь 20 минут! Даже самый занятой человек сможет выделить треть часа на ежедневные тренировки.

9. P90X3

А вот и еще один фитнес-курс от Тони Хортона, который вошел в десятку самых популярных программ Beachbody. Всеобъемлющий комплекс 30-минутных тренировок P90X3 подойдет тем, кто хочет не только похудеть, но и поработать над мышечным рельефным телом. Идеальное сочетание кардио, силовых и функциональных нагрузок поможет вам построить тело своей мечты.

10. PiYo

PiYo подойдет тем, кто избегает ударных нагрузок и хочет поберечь свои суставы. Шалин Джонсон предлагает комплекс на основе двух компонентов: пилатеса и йоги (отсюда и название – PiYo). Вас ждут низкоударные упражнения для всего тела, однако программа совсем не простая. Шалин поддерживает динамичный темп и использует функциональную нагрузку для сжигания калорий и укрепления мышц.

The 21 Day Fix Training Plan

Beachbody has done a fantastic job in all of its programs like t25 (Shaun-T), p90x3 (Tony Horton), PiYo (Chalene) or Bodybeast (Sagi Kalev ) by creating diverse and enjoyable exercise routines. The 21 Day Fix Workout Schedule is no different. In addition to creating nutrient rich, satisfying meals using the colored containers, you will do a 30-minute workout per day with one day of rest.

6 30-minute dvd sessions:

  • Total Body Cardio Fix
  • Upper Fix
  • Lower Fix
  • Pilates Fix
  • Cardio Fix
  • Yoga Fix

The cardio workouts will increase your heart health and slow your resting heart rate, basically allowing your body to maintain itself with less effort.

These workouts will also rev up your metabolism and help burn calories even when you are inactive. This is important for digestion, burning calories, and feeding muscles while diminishing fat stores.

The Upper Fix is a resistance workout designed to tone and shape your chest, back, shoulders, arms, and abs. The Lower Fix aims to tone the lower body while blasting fat and burning calories. The Pilates Fix utilizes the traditional Pilates practices to strengthen the core, increase flexibility, elongate the muscles, and firm up the hips and thighs. The Yoga Fix utilizes traditional Yoga poses and practices to improve balance and flexibility while relaxing the mind and muscles. If you really are into yoga you can read the differences of PiYo Vs 21 Day Fix to see which would be more appropriate for you.

Make sure that, before you begin, you take a «before picture». Sending in your before and after pictures once you complete the 21 days will get you a free t-shirt!

If you want more detail on the 21 day fix programs you have two options. Option 1 is to read 21 day fix workout review I wrote or jump over to beachbody to learn more.

The Kind of Results I’ve Seen

Will you really drop the amount of weight that is promised in just three weeks? It depends on a lot of factors. If you have more than a few pounds to lose and follow the included 3 Day Quick Fix, you could do very well.

The most weight loss I’ve seen others get with this program are from a man who lost 14lbs in three weeks, and a woman who lost 11lbs in three weeks. Both of these individuals stuck to the plan exactly, drank Shakeology every day, never missed a workout, followed the doubles schedule during week 3, and they followed the 3 Day Quick Fix the final three days of their first round. It should also be noted they had more than 30 lbs to lose.

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